Elsie Dinsmore Travilla is the central character of the Elsie Dinsmore novels. The series details

Elsie Dinsmore






Dinsmore, Travilla


Edward Travilla


Elsie , Horace Edward, Violet , Harold, Herbert, Lily, Rosie, and Walter Travilla


Horace and Elsie (Grayson) Dinsmore; Rose (Allison) Dinsmore (stepmother)


Horace Dinsmore the third. and Rose Dinsmore (via her father's marriage to Rose Allison)


Roselands (Grandfather's plantation); The Oaks (Her father's plantation); Ion (Travilla plantation); Viamede (Grayson plantation)


Protestant Christian

Elsie's struggles to be a meek, gentle person with Christian values while everyone else around her seems to follow the ways of the world.

Elsie is the wife of Edward Travilla II, and the mother of Elsie, Horace Edward (Eddie), Violet, Harold, Herbert, Lily, Rose, and Walter Travilla. She is the only daughter of Horace and Elsie Grayson Dinsmore; her stepmother is Rose Allison Dinsmore, who she studied the Bible with at a young age. Rose and Horace later have two children, Horace, Jr. and Rosebud Dinsmore.


Early LifeEdit

Elsie was born in 1837, the daughter of Horace Dinsmore and his wife, Elsie Grayson Dinsmore. Both her mother's guardian and her father's parents had forced her parents apart after discovering that Horace and Elsie had married in secret because they both knew that their ages - 16 and 17 at the time - would be an argument, as well as the fact that Elsie's father had worked his way up from a poor man to a rich man. Their letters were intercepted, and, after she gave birth to a daughter, who was named after herself, Elsie Grayson Dinsmore was told that her young husband had died. It was not the truth; however, she was so heart-broken by the news of her husband's death that she died a week after giving birth to their daughter. She gave her infant daughter into the care of her mammy and instructed her mammy to raise her daughter up to love the Lord just before she died.

Elsie remained at Viamede, her mother's home, until she was four years old, when her mother's guardian died and her paternal grandfather came and took her to Roselands to live and grow up alongside her uncles and aunts, who were all around her age. However, her life there was not the happy one she'd been accustomed to at Viamede. In fact, her young uncle Arthur made life difficult for her and tried to get her into trouble as much as possible, and her aunt Enna, who was a year younger than Elsie, stole things from Elsie with the approval of her mother.

Elsie DinsmoreEdit

The first book in the series finds Elsie as an eight - year - old girl who, though quite pious and wanting to do right, often has to struggle to keep her anger in check, especially when she is wronged by her grandfather's children. In addition, Elsie is sad, because her father is away in Europe and she has never seen him.

Soon, though, her father comes back from Europe to live with his family at Roselands. He is stern, cold-hearted, and sverely punishes his sweet little daughter for every little thing she does wrong, whether on accident or on purpose. He often comes close to abusing her, causing her to cry, and he then punishes her for crying. Elsie is very strict about observing the Sabbath, and refuses to sing secular songs, read secular books, or think and talk about secular things on Sunday. One Sunday, Elsie is asked by a friend of her father's, Mr. Travilla, to play a song on Sunday. She politely refuses, and he retracts the order, but her father doesn't. He forces her to sit on the stool until she plays it, resulting in a nervous headache. She falls from the stool, nearly dying, and she manages to win her father's love for a while. Later on, another issue of this kind comes up. Elsie does not want to read a secular book to her father while he is sick, and he reacts by banishing her from his presence until she admits she was wrong. But Elsie loves Jesus more than her father, as she ought, and will not disobey her Heavenly Father. She finally has a complete nervous breakdown as everything is stripped away from her and her father threatens her, finally resulting in a deadly fever. Her father returns to his dying child and acknowledges he was wrong. He becomes a Christian and prays fervently for the restoration of his treasure, Elsie. A wish which is granted as little by little Elsie recovers and regains her strength.

Horace Jr. buys his own property for he and Elsie and his new wife to live in together instead of living in the abusive atmosphere of Roselands.

Elsie is described as a great beauty, of whom many are jealous. She has honey brown curls and soft hazel eyes which are often clouded with tears of joy, sympathy, and/or sadness. Her natural talent in playing and singing as well as her excellence in school are other reasons her father becomes proud of her. But she is pure and virtuous, and her childlike faith throughout her entire life is really an exceptional example of the way Christ's followers should show their dedication.

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