Edward Travilla, Jr., is the son of Edward I and Violet Travilla I, and husband of Elsie Dinsmore. He is Elsie's father's boyhood friend, and Elsie catches his eye as a little girl. They later have Elsie, Horace Edward, Violet, Harold, Herbert, Lily, Rose, and Walter together.

Edward TravillaEdit

Edward is ultimately responsible for the piano stool incident, almost causing his future wife to die; he later says to Horace, who was also guilty, "Dinsmore, you're a brute!". He once scared Elsie by telling her that her father was giving her away to him permanently. Elsie wins his heart at the age of eight, but around twelve years pass before they are married. A year later, Violet, his mother and only remaining parent, dies, right before Elsie gives birth to Horace Edward, whom they call Eddie. They travel to Europe later that year, where they stay for five years, giving birth to Violet and Harold. The Civil War begins while they stay in Europe. With the worst of the war over, they return, and after rebuilding their damaged home they move back in. His daughter Lily dies of an illness at age seven. After several years, he dies of a sudden illness, leaving Elsie and their seven remaining children.

Edward has been criticized for having his attentions on Elsie at an early age. In the early books, he hints that he wants to kiss Elsie, though only in an appro manner (as if he were her uncle). He often wishes she was "ten years older, or that I was ten years younger".