Edward Travilla was the son of Violet Travilla and husband of Elsie Dinsmore. He was the good friend of Elsie's father, and he greatly admired her from a young age, though he is about 17 years her senior. He himself was the father of eight children: Elsie, Horace Edward, Violet, Harold, Herbert, Lily, Rose, and Walter.


Edward Travilla


ca. 1820


ca. 1875

Marital Status





Protestant Christian




Elsie Travilla (nee Dinsmore)


Elsie Leland, Horace Edward Travilla, Violet Raymond, Harold Travilla, Herbert Travilla, Lily Travilla, Rose Travilla, Walter Travilla


Mr. & Mrs. (Violet) Travilla



Early Life Edit

Edward Travilla was born and raised in a wealthy Southern family. His father died when he was young, and he inherited the family's beautiful plantation at Ion.

He grew up to be best friends with Horace Dinsmore. Years later, his friend's eight year-old daughter wins his heart and he determines to marry her, often wishing aloud that she were ten years older or that he were ten years younger.*

Physical Appearance Edit

Edward is described as tall and handsome. He is otherwise quite youthful, making the age gap between himself and his wife less noticeable.

Personality Edit

Edward is portrayed as a fun-loving young man, quite amiable and easygoing as far as manners and propriety go.

At first, he was not to be bothered by religion and made it clear to little Elsie that there was time enough for him to repent and become a Christian. She wins him over, or, at least, it is implied that she does, and he becomes a very devoted Christian.

He is also shown to be a loving father, very concerned with his children and actively involved in their lives. His son, Horace Edward who is affectionately called 'Eddie', is his great pride, though he takes joy in all of his children and deeply mourned the death of his daughter, Lily.

Later Life Edit

Eventually, he marries Elsie, which pleases everyone. A year later, Violet, his mother and only remaining parent, dies, right before Elsie gives birth to Horace Edward, whom they call Eddie. They travel to Europe later that year, where they stay for five years, giving birth to Violet and Harold. The Civil War begins while they stay in Europe. With the worst of the war over, they return, and after rebuilding their damaged home they move back in. His daughter Lily dies of an illness at age seven. After several years, he dies of a sudden illness, leaving Elsie and their seven remaining children.

Edward has been criticized for having his attentions on Elsie at an early age. In the early books, he hints that he wants to kiss Elsie, though only in an appro manner (as if he were her uncle). He often wishes she was "ten years older, or that I was ten years younger".